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> Features


Incomplete List of Features:


> Imports (social) network data formatted in .xls, .csv, .sql or .xml

> Convenient storage of time stamps, keywords, actor attributes and relationship attributes in the data format (event-driven network analysis format

> Comprehensive PDF manuals downloaded with software package

> Exploration-orieted interaction with the tool, play with the data, filter, zoom in, search nodes, filter certain relationship types


> Extracting Keywords from your provided network data (e.g. on conversations, event contents, postings, discourses

> Relationship network can contain with keywords for authors and relationships

> Relationships can be color-coded, e.g. to display red and green links for positive and negative relationships

> Calculating typical network analysis measures such as density or centrality for the selected time windows and activated nodes and links to conveniently compare time windows or different clusters

> Adding editable author and relationship properties (like affiliation, evaluation)

> Allows for content coding and visualization

> Adjust color nodes, sizes, link transparence and colors, etc.

> Search contents to filter out relevant parts of the network (e.g. all talking about 'brandX'

> Show only reciprocal links


> Renders 2D and 3D networks of communication,

> Zoom and rotate 3D network graphs like molecules to gain better immersion and understanding

> Allows for time-based observation of growth of the network

> Clusters network into subgroups based on network structure

> Stores screenshots

> Allows for picking authors to observe their author properties

> Allows for limiting visible authors to generate EGOnets and partial networks


... and many more.


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