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of the paper by Trier, M. (2008): Towards Dynamic Visualization for Understanding Evolution of Digital Communication Networks.  Information Systems Research Vol.19, No.3, 2008.


1) Evolution of the ego-network of the most (degree) central node. Only the evolution between 10/24/01 and 06/21/02 is shown. Between February 5th and 7th of 2002, there is an extraordinary event. The centrality of the observed node has more than doubled in just three days. Afterwards it remains stable again until the end. 


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2) Cumulative Evolution and growth of ENRON e-mail network. The (cumulative) evolution of the overall ENRON sample of 151 actors between 05/11/99 and 06/21/02 is shown. In the end, a single integrated component emerges with some connected subgroups at the periphery. 


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3) Tracking brokering actions and change and in the ENRON e-mail network. Using sliding time window of 1 month, only the changes (current activities) of a network are visualized. With this sliding window mode, during the year 2000 all brokering activities can be observed. Together, 74 'brokering actions' which either created relevant shortcuts (shortcuts which are not only a result of triadic closure, i.e. bypassing the intermediary node) or integrated seperated clusters can be observed. Of 36 of them the organizational position of both adjacent partners of the brokering action can be identified. Of those 36 actions, 18 (50%) were cross hierarchical, 9 where among top managers, and 9 where among employees. Top Management thus took a very active role in connecting distant parts of the network. 
Simultaneously this animation visually substantiates that the activity level grows continuously, speeds up during summer and fall of 2001, peaks at the time, when the financial scandal of ENRON and its bankruptcy have been announced and quickly declines afterwards.


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4) 3D Evolution and growth of ENRON e-mail network. The evolution of the overall ENRON sample of 151 actors is shown. Visible are e-mail events in a sliding window of one month moving from 1999 through to 2000. Colors denote job position of people. 2D and 3D Time Animation Feature were first presented at HICSS 38, January 2005, Hawaii. This Enron Sample uploaded on 13/07/2006.


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Matthias Trier, IKM/sysedv Technical University Berlin 2006