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CALL - Students are invited to participate! If you study in Berlin and want to contribute to the research project, e.g. as your thesis project, contact the project manager to see, if interesting sub-projects are available. You should be able to develop software using Java. 


Project Manager, Contact

Dr. Matthias Trier


Technical Development

Annette Bobrik


Client/Server Architecture & GUI Release1.1

Annette Bobrik

Matthias Frank


Content Mining

Gregor Boehme


Cluster Algorithms Release1.1

Nancy Kiesel


Visualizations & Frontend Architecture Release1.0

Tillmann Bartels


Data Management & Backend Architecture Release1.0

Andreas Hoffmann

Organizational Manager Subteams

Michael A. Herzog


Connector Component Architecture Release1.1

Mareike Hybsier


Measurement System and Cockpit View Release1.1

Christian Beugel


Team Java3D Rendering, EGOnet Visualization  Release1.0

Daniel Müller

Mathias Werlitz


Shallow Keyword Analysis  Release1.0

Danny Gräf
Markus Walla




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