COMMETRIX - Visualizing Knowledge Community Metrics...

Forschungsgruppe E-Learning

> Features


Incomplete List of Features:


> Supports individual connectors to virtually any electronic communication net

> Imports NNTP-based standard newsgroups

> Imports based HTML discussions

> Imports MBOX-based Unix e-mail archives

> Imports Outlook e-mail archives (planned)

> Imports Notes e-mail archives (planned)

> Updating existing discourse imports with new data


> Extracting Keywords from discourses

> Annotates the relationship network with keywords

> Calculating network analysis measures

> Adding editable author and relationship properties (like affiliation, evaluation)

> Allows for content coding and visualization


> Renders 2D and 3D networks of communication

> Rotate and zoom the network graphs

> Allows for time-based observation of growth of the network

> Clusters network into subgroups based on network structure

> Stores screenshots

> Allows for picking authors to observe their author properties

> Allows for limiting visible authors to generate EGOnets and partial networks





Matthias Trier, IKM/sysedv Technical University Berlin 2006